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31st-Dec-2020 11:59 pm(no subject)
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4th-Nov-2008 09:44 pm(no subject)
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 { HRC in 2008 | Click for more. }

26th-Aug-2007 04:57 pm - Women's Equality Day | 08.26.07
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"If there is one message that echoes forth from this conference, it is that
human rights are women’s rights -- and women’s rights are human rights.
Let us not forget that among those rights are the right to speak freely -- and the right to be heard."

"In my country, we recently celebrated the 75th anniversary of women’s suffrage.
It took 150 years after the signing of our Declaration of Independence
for women to win the right to vote.

It took 72 years of organized struggle on the part of many courageous women and men.
It was one of America’s most divisive philosophical wars. But it was also a bloodless war.
Suffrage was achieved without a shot being fired."

♣ ♣ ♣

Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton
at the UN Women's Plenary Conference
Beijing, China

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24th-Aug-2007 12:43 pm - Open letter
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Dear [name redacted -- I'm keepin' this classy],

You know, nothing screams "intolerance" quite like taking me and fourassassins off your friends list. You're a real winner.

Oh, and that last comment? That, my dear is what sarcasm looks like.

Good riddance. It was fun until you became someone else.


Comments screened, guys.
22nd-Aug-2007 05:26 pm - The separation of church and... news.
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Dear CNN,

Why all the Religious-Zealots-and-Their-Bullshit 101 coverage all of a sudden?

It's not enough that AC360* shows a special on religion every other day, but now my most favoritest female reporter ever -- Christiane Amanpour -- has to be all up on the fundamental religion scene?

Not cool, guys, not cool at all.

I'm having a torrid love affair with MSNBC on the side -- just thought you should know.

Frustratingly Yours,

redhotpolkadots, news junkie extraordinaire

Real big, bad update coming soon guys -- promiseee.

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from Manolo's Shoe Blog:
"Impeach Him!

Manolo says, the George Bush wears the Crocs! The Manolo is not the political person, but this is the last straw!"
Dubya looks a little too slap-happy to be wearing those in a photo. I also like how he always looks like he's grasping for air when he waves to the camera. I hope these tendencies end up written into Lil' Bush, oh I hope.

I don't know which feeling is more extreme: my hate for a Croc-wearing Dubya, or my love for The Manolo (regardless of how many times he overuses "the").
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"How important it is for us to recognize and celebrate
our heroes and she-roes."
Maya Angelou

25th-Mar-2007 09:06 am(no subject)
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